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Eyelash Extensions

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Traditional application  of one eyelash extension applied to each natural lash. Provides a more defined look as if you have the perfect mascara. As they are individual, they will only be as full as your natural lashes.

Classic Full Set - 2 Hours

Level 1 Artist...$200 

Level 2 Artist...$220

Level 3 Artist...$250

 Classic Fill - 50 Minutes

Level 1 Artist...$65

Level 2 Artist...$72

Level 3 Artist...$75

 Classic Mini Fill - 30 Minutes

Level 1 Artist...$35

Level 2 Artist...$42

Level 3 Artist...$45

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

A mixture of Volume and Classic Eyelash Extensions to provide the fluffy look of Volume and the definition and boldness of Classic. 

Hybrid Full Set - 2.5 Hours

Level 1 Artist...$250 

Level 2 Artist...$275

Level 3 Artist...$300

Hybrid Fill - 1 Hour 

Level 1 Artist...$75

Level 2 Artist...$82

Level 3 Artist...$85

Hybrid Mini Fill - 40 Minutes

Level 1 Artist...$45

Level 2 Artist...$52

Level 3 Artist...$55

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Multiple thin, lightweight extensions are handmade into a fan and applied to each natural lash.  Can be customized based on preference and type of natural lash to give more or less density to the set. Great for filling in sparse lashes to achieve a fuller lash line. Also perfect for those with more lashes that want a bold, dramatic, fluffy look. 

Volume Full Set - 3 Hours

Level 1 Artist...$300 

Level 2 Artist...$325

Level 3 Artist...$350

Volume Fill - 1 Hour 10 Min

Level 1 Artist...$85

Level 2 Artist...$92

Level 3 Artist...$95

Volume Mini Fill - 50 Minutes

Level 1 Artist...$55

Level 2 Artist...$62

Level 3 Artist...$65

Cancellation Policy:  A minimum of 24 hours notice must be given to cancel an appointment. Cancelling within 24 hours of your appointment will result in a 50% charge of the service. No Showing will result in a 100% charge of the service.
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