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Swedish Massage

45 minute 


60 minute


75 minute

90 minute


Deep Tissue Massage

45 minute 


60 minute


75 minute


90 minute


1 Hour Prenatal Massage

*Must be out of first trimester


Hot Stone Massage


60 minute

 Facial & Massage Combo 

Can't decide between a massage or a facial? Now you don't have to! Includes a full body massage with our Signature Facial.


90 minute

This full body massage will melt away tension and stress with heated stones to promote healing

75 minute


90 minute


Partial Hot Stone Massage

This is the ideal service to sample hot stones! Full body massage with client selecting three body parts to apply hot stones.

Body Services

Farmhouse Fresh

Seasonal Body Scrub

$65 / 30 min

Your day is off to a scrumptious, caramel latte start with this rich, whipped exfoliator infused with caffeine and Arabica bean extract. Skin is smoothed, polished and caressed with hydrating Shea butter, while caffeine increases microcirculation, for a temporary tightening effect. The result is a nourished, beautiful glow. The creamy, delicious scent and caramel coffee notes are a real pick me up that never lets you down.

Farmhouse Fresh

Body Wrap

$75/ 45min

This treatment will leave you relaxed and hydrated! Our Farmhouse Fresh Balm is pure Shea, cocoa and mango butters that have been combined into a rich, solid, scrumptious all purpose balm that melts into skin on contact, nourishing dry, chapped hands, knees, knuckles – even lips!

This blend of butters is a highly effective skin conditioning formula that helps reduce the look of wrinkles through deep penetration of vitamins A & E. 

A` La Mode Balm is softly scented with an all natural scent that's reminiscent of old fashioned vanilla churned ice cream.

Vanilla Bourbon Marshmallow Massage
$82 / 60min

Inhale and now exhale deeply. This body massage eases muscle tension with a Vanilla Bourbon Body Oil sweeping over parched skin on legs, arms and shoulders. We seal in this newfound softness with a shea and cocoa butter body balm scented with light notes of natural tonka bean and sandalwood.

Sunlighten Sauna

Single Session

3 Pack

5 Pack

10 Pack




Infrared Sauna Benefits

Helps with energy and healing

Improves heart health & circulation

Detoxify heavy metals & release inflammation

Improves sleep

What To Expect?

Your first session may only be 30 minutes and to set a goal up to 45 minutes. You may not sweat your first time! It's very important to stay hydrated. It is safe to use daily.

After completing an intake form, we will take you back to our sauna. You will be provided with a spa wrap for you to change into. Our technician will thoroughly explain the process and help you get into the sauna safely. Once in the sauna, you are safe to remove the spa wrap. The technician will be available during your session if any assistance is needed. At the end, they will make sure you exit safely. There are towels provided to dry off. We will send you home with bottled water and encourage you to stay hydrated. We recommend wearing loose, light clothing.


-Do not wear deodorant, perfume, lotions, or makeup prior to sauna session

-Wait 60 minutes after eating to allow food to digest

-Drink a minimum of 8oz of water for proper hydration and to prepare your body for an increase in core temperature

-Wear loose, comfortable clothing 

During Sauna Session

-Please listen to your body and be aware of excessive detoxifying

-You may discontinue and exit sauna at any time during your session

-Immediately discontinue your treatment and exit the sauna if you feel flu-like symptoms

-Do not be surprised if you do not sweat the first few treatments. Sweating will increase with regular use.

Sit Back and Relax

-We will have spa music playing but you are welcome to bring your own music

-We will check on you at your discretion 

Post Sauna

-Dry off with towels provided and allow body to cool down naturally

-Drink at least 24oz of water or quality electrolyte to re-hydrate

-Schedule your next session. Regular use will offer the BEST results

Medical Conditions

If any of the below apply to you, consult your physician prior to sauna use:

-Cardiovascular issues, Obesity or Diabetes

-Alcohol & Drug Abuse

-Chronic Conditions / Diseases Associated with Reduced Ability to Sweat or Perspire

-Hemophiliacs / Individuals Prone to Bleeding

-Fever & Insensitivity to Heat




-Recent Joint Injury

-Pacemakers / Defibrilators

Cancellation Policy:  A minimum of 24 hours notice must be given to cancel an appointment. Cancelling within 24 hours of your appointment will result in a 50% charge. No Showing with result in a 100% charge.
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