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Spring Lash Shed

It's that time of year again. The dreaded Spring Lash Shed! Have you noticed that you're losing more lashes than normal? You're being extra careful with your extensions, you haven't changed anything about your routine, yet you still seem to be shedding lashes at an alarming rate? Don't panic! You're just going through the Spring Lash Shed.

Spring Lash Shed

As we transition into the warmer months our bodies go through a period of acclimation to the changes in the weather. Just like animals shed their coats in the Spring, we also shed the hair on our bodies. As your old lashes fall, new baby lashes are taking their place resulting in rapid rate of new growth. This is why your lashes may also appear shorter during this time.

So what's the best thing for your lashes as they shed? During this phase it is helpful to use shorter extensions to make your lashes appear more full and to not place any stress on your lashes as they grow. You may also need to come in more frequently for fills.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

This cycle typically lasts around six weeks and then your lashes will return to normal. Just hold in there and it will be over soon!

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