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Lash Lifts: What You Need To Know

Lash lifts are the newest trend in upping your lash game. A great alternative to eyelash extensions which require more regular maintenance ever 2-3 weeks, lash lifts typically last between 6-8 weeks. So what exactly is a lash lift and how is it done?

What is a lash lift?

A lash lift uses a gentle perming solution to curl your natural lashes to enhance the length, definition, and creates an uplifted look to your eyes. This service is often paired with a lash tint to create an even more dramatic look.

The Process

First your lashes will be cleansed with a special lash shampoo to remove any makeup and oil-residue. A silicone rod is then applied to the eyelid with a non-toxic adhesive. The size of the rod used is determined upon how much of a lift you want. The smaller rods give a tighter, more dramatic lift while the larger rods give a more relaxed, natural lift.

After the rod has been applied, adhesive is added to the rod and your lashes will be curled back over the mold and individually separated. This is the most meticulous aspect of the service to make sure that all lashes are properly adhered and straight to give that perfect curl.

Once the lashes have been glued and separated a perming solution is applied to the root up to the middle of the lash. This solution is applied between 10-15 minutes depending on the thickness of the hair. The thicker the natural lash the more time is needed. The perming solution softens the hair to make it more malleable.

The perming solution is then gently removed and a setting solution is applied. This re-hardens the hair into the curl as well as neutralizes the perming solution to prevent over processing. The setting solution is then removed and a conditioning solution is then applied to remove the lash rod and to moisturize the lashes.

After Your Lash Lift

Avoid getting your lashes wet for 24 hours to let the lash lift completely set. This includes avoiding hot showers, hot yoga, and steam. You should also try to sleep on your back as sleeping too rough on your lashes can cause them to bend and lose their shape.

After this 24 hour period has ended you can get them wet, wear mascara and rub your eyes as usual. The length of how long your lash lift will last will depend on the length of your lash cycle. Typically it will last between 6-8 weeks before it is time to get another lash lift!

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